Malmo, Sweden

Yes, we have “more” violence here than before, er, of course? cos, they have more? and, yes, WE took them in. YOUR trump? was to deny entrance to anyone. and, name me ONE country, like, the american nuclear and weapons pal, Saudi Arabia? who took in ONE refugee from YOUR wars? na? thot not. or??

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300,000 year old nano tech

Why is everything not understood, “primitive” and , er, oxy? Alien?? still, verified by Sweden, Finland, Denmark (you know, University EU towns (or not EU!!) near Russia? lol!!!) No matter: Verified as true. and, this? because I just saw a video where an american said it was all rubbish, that IF aliens were going to […]

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The Falklands, or, ours? theirs?

Fact. The Falkland islands are connected by a very shallow shelf to Argenina. Fact. The British took it, at the time cos they had bigger and better guns. Fact. The British govt. send load of Brits over there, pissing on their claim, so to speak. Fact. (And here it get’s dicey!!!) the Argentinian govt (not […]

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Like to add?

so, let us just take it, never mind they arrested the “Egyptian Expert!!” let us take the dates.. 12,000 year, max, for humans on this planet, never mind carbon dating, etc, but, THEY say, this earth? is 4 BILLION out of, er, (how can they prove this?) 14 Billion years? really? 14 BILLION? so, er, […]

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